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Truckily is open!

Date: April 17, 2013 Posted by 1 Comment Tags: , , , ,

Hello world of hungry food-o-philes, and our friendly food truck chefs-in-motion!

We are opening our doors for our public beta this month, so that we can make sure everything is working correctly before we ramp up to the big leagues. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Truckily, the automated location marketing tool for your Food Truck business. We have been working for the past year to refine the product offering, tailoring our service to be the best possible combination of features and utility for both mobile and stationary food truck (and trailer/cart) vendors.

The big point we reiterated during our private tests and discussions was the idea of a “Big Red Button” that would automate your marketing – both before arriving and once arriving at a new location. Well, we delivered on the functionality, but sadly the button was changed to light blue.

Currenlty, Truckily is available on iOS devices – (Download here) – and will be available soon for Android. If you are a food truck fan, or owner you can get started by downloading the food truck app from the appstore. To register your food truck and begin automating your marketing, head to our registration page and get yourself going!

We love customer feedback, so lay it on us. Our goal with Truckily is to help you save time, increase customer awareness and visibility – and at the end of the day bring home more dough. Sign up today!

The button formerly known as “Big Red Button”

Early birds get the caffeine-deprived worms. Food Truck @coffeecakekc getting around in the AM